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Flocculant emulsion dosing system

Product Name: Flocculant emulsion dosing system
Product Model: PY3
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Flocculent dosing system for emulsion flocculant emulsion design, precise dosage, automatic operation, the back-end connectivity, three-slot solution ensures that the solution.

Flocculant emulsion dosing system  A detailed description of

Flocculant emulsion dosing system  principle of work:
The flocculant emulsion preparation process is completes gradually through the pipeline mixer and the solution tank graduation, between the solution tank separates, guaranteed that in each solution tank's optimum response time and the constant density, avoid in prefabricating between the trough and the solution store tank have any direct path, on the automatic control system and store tank's fluid position controller is connected, once the fluid position achieves the low position, triggers the water solenoid valve to open, the emulsion throws adds the pump to start, throws the increment adjustable, obtains the precise density, when the fluid position achieves the peak, this cyclic process stops, certainly the mixer also presses the hypothesis time to continue to work. 

the  completely automatic movement, saves artificial the  medicament to throw the increment precisely adjustable, guaranteed that the processing effect, avoids wasting the entire stainless steel shell, to import the fitting, the dependable quality, corrosion resistivity good
 maintains simple, outward appearance fine the formidable technical support, may all information output  according to user request design cycle
 for the electronic contact type the  mixer nimble adjustment running time, guarantees the effect, energy conservation. in the movement process the belt spatial revolution and the overflow protect
 to be possible to re-equip two box nimbly according to the customer request, the list box-type. 
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